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Your vehicle battery specialists in Covington, KY

Your car and motorcycle vehicle battery source
Victory Battery is a battery supply store in Covington, KY. We have a comprehensive selection of batteries for cars, trucks, heavy vehicles, jet skis, leisure crafts, and more
If you need a vehicle battery, there's a very good chance we have it here waiting for you. If we don't happen to have exactly what you're looking for in stock, simply give us a call and we can source it for you at an excellent price.

Car batteries

Woman in a car with vehicle battery in Covington, KY

Victory Battery knows that your car, van, or motorcycle needs to be reliable. Whether you use your vehicle for work or everyday transportation, ensuring that it starts when you need it is vital.
With a vehicle battery from Victory Battery in Covington you can be sure that your motor will always be running. Count on us for your battery supplies.

Caravan, boat or jet ski

A boat with vehicle battery in Covington, KY

Make certain that your leisure time is not interrupted by annoying starter issues. Victory Battery of Covington has the best vehicle battery selection for boats, caravans, and more.
Our batteries provide reliable power, and their high quality means that they will last for many years to come. Come down to our power center in Covington today, we'll give you the charge you need.


Vehicle battery for mobility scooters in Covington, KY

If you own a mobility vehicle, then you understand just how important it is to have a reliable battery. Victory Battery's batteries are built to last, and backed by a range of quality assurances.
We have batteries for mobility scooters, wheelchairs, golf carts and even children's riding toys. If you need a new vehicle battery, visit us in Covington today.
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